Top Fruits and Veggies for Spring 2019

Top Fruits and Veggies for Spring 2019

With warmer temperatures on the horizon, it’s time to start getting excited about fresh fruits and vegetables once again. After all, it’s been a long winter and while there sure were some delicious items incorporated into our menus, nothing beats the bounty spring has to offer. This year, our very own Executive Chef, Brian Bender, is looking forward to the following farm-to-table fare:

Asparagus – this nutrient-packed veggie is an excellent source of fiber, folate, vitamins A, C, E and K and it’s filled with chromium to top it all off. Chromium is a trace mineral responsible for enhancing insulin’s ability to transport glucose from the bloodstream into your cells.

Spinach & Arugula – leafy greens are a spring staple and for good reason. Whether you’re using them as the base of a salad or sauteing them in garlic and olive oil, you can’t go wrong with spinach and arugula.

Snow Peas – crisp, fresh green snow peas are one of the first true spring crops. They’re packed with iron, potassium and dietary fiber along with magnesium, folic acid and a small level of healthy fats.

Garlic – if you’re not cooking with garlic, you’re simply not living! This is a staple in just about every type of cuisine and we’re looking forward to fresh cloves this spring!

Artichokes – these bad boys can help improve liver health, smooth bowel movements, regulate blood pressure and can even help treat hangovers by reducing the levels of toxins in the blood. Who’s ready for some stuffed artichokes?

Cherries – cherries are full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds and they promote better sleep and arthritis relief. But if none of things are of interest to you, you can’t deny how delicious a juicy, tart cherry is especially when it’s in the form of a fresh pie!

Fiddlehead Ferns – they’re not as common as some of the items listed above, but they should be incorporated into your spring dishes. They’re filled with vitamin C, niacin and potassium and have a very unique taste — somewhere between asparagus and spinach.

These are some of the fruits and veggies we’ll be cooking up this spring and we’d love to hear what you like best!

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