6 Quick Tips For Packing Your Own Lunch

6 Quick Tips For Packing Your Own Lunch

How To Make Better Lunches To Bring To Work Or School

Let’s face it — not everyone has time to prepare and cook gourmet meals for lunch and not everyone has the money or health capacity to order out every day. Sure, you can resort to typical brown bag lunches, but you’re probably already sick of the standard pb&j or turkey sandwich. So, what can you do to make your daily lunch more exciting without sacrificing much time or effort? See below to find out!

1 – Make Pasta Salad

This is especially useful for those who don’t have daily access to a refrigerator or a microwave. You can get away with a solid and nutritious helping of pasta salad simply by keeping it in a lunchbox with an ice pack until you’re ready to eat. Better yet, you can make a large batch of it and throw in whatever toppings you like at the beginning of the week and it will last for a few days.

2 – Follow Lunch Bloggers

Yes, this is a real thing. There are people out there who make a living sharing what they make and eat for lunch each day. Find someone who has a similar lifestyle to you and we bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much inspiration you’ll receive.

3 – Be A Copycat

In this scenario, it’s perfectly fine to take someone else’s ideas and make them your own. We’re talking about imitating your favorite fast-casual restaurants so you have more control over the ingredients, but you won’t be as tempted to order out with the rest of the office or the class. Just think about how excited you’ll be to dig into that burrito bowl you made yourself.

4 – Set Up A Lunch Swap

Tired of making the same things because you just don’t have a creative mind when it comes to meals? Consider organizing a lunch swap where a few friends or colleagues each make something different and you try a little bit of each thing.

5 – Pack Dressing/Condiments Separately

Ever eat a wilted salad or soggy sandwich? It’s definitely not great, right? We suggest packing dressings and condiments separately and applying them right before you’re ready to eat rather than having the rest of the ingredients absorb them all day long.

6 – Portion Each Night’s Leftovers

A quick and easy way to get the most bang for your buck is to take a little bit of each night’s leftovers and pack them away for lunch the following day. Not only will you save time because you’re already making that meal for dinner, you can eliminate throwing food in the trash and essentially wasting money on groceries because they went bad in the fridge.

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