Gadgets That Will Make Your Office Kitchen Feel More Like Home

Gadgets That Will Make Your Office Kitchen Feel More Like Home

5 Items That Will Take Your Office Kitchen To The Next Level

There’s nothing that compares to the comforts of home — whether it’s that couch in the living room that’s perfectly broken in and oh so comfortable, the linens in the bathrooms or your favorite appliance in the kitchen. Unfortunately, office kitchens and break rooms aren’t always the most friendly and the most accommodating when it comes to preparing your favorite drinks or meals, but that doesn’t need to be the case. You can make your staff and your colleagues feel more at home by equipping that area of the office with these five items:

1 – Blender

For those who enjoy a superfood smoothie to kick start their mornings or those who wish for something a bit more savory in the afternoon, having a blender handy can satisfy these needs. We recommend the single serve blender options like the Nutribullet or the Ninja Nutri Ninja.

2 – Espresso Machine

We’re going to guess you already have a coffee machine in the kitchen area, but an espresso machine allows for more variety when it comes to meeting your team’s caffeine needs. Give them the option of making lattes and cappuccinos in addition to the standard cup of joe and we’ll bet productivity increase substantially. 

3 – Toaster Oven

Microwaves are convenient, there’s no denying it, but not every meal can or should be heated up in the microwave. A toaster oven is a relatively inexpensive appliance that is perfect for reheating lunches, toasting bread or crisping up a waffle or bagel.

4 – Panini Press

Similar to the toaster oven, this small appliance can really make a world of difference when it comes to lunch. Whether you provide your team with food options daily or employees tend to bring their own sandwiches, throwing them on the press for a few seconds will add that special touch.

5 – Water Cooler

Nobody likes drinking unfiltered, unclean water and let’s face it, we’re all supposed to be drinking a fair amount of water on a daily basis. If you don’t have a high-tech water cooler that adequately filters and cools water, you’re doing a disservice to your staff.

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