Can I Use Metal Utensils In A Frying Pan?

Can I Use Metal Utensils In A Frying Pan?

Is It Safe To Use Metal Utensils While Cooking?

Multi-use tools are a staple in the kitchen, but sometimes, we wind up mixing things that can do more harm than good. Maybe you’ve heard the old advice to never use metal cooking utensils in a frying pan. How true is this advice, and what can you use instead to protect your pans and improve your meals?

The Effect of Metal on a Frying Pan

Most of us use non-stick frying pans for a number of reasons; they’re easy to clean, lightweight and highly durable. They also require less oil during cooking, which can make dishes healthier. But non-stick pans also come with fine print; using metal utensils can scrape off the coating and permanently damage the pan.

The sharp grooves of a metal cooking utensil can cause the non-stick coating to peel; once this happens, food will begin to stick to the surface, cook unevenly and be more likely to burn.

How to Protect Your Pan

  • A nonstick pan should only be used with wood, plastic or silicone utensils. You can buy any of these at a store for a cheap price, and they’re much more affordable to replace than a good quality frying pan.
  • Never cut food directly in your pan; use a cutting board and transfer ingredients with your hands or a rubber spatula. You should also never place a sizzling pan into cold or lukewarm water; doing so can warp the finish and ruin its ability to cook food properly.
  • You should also always store your frying pans and other nonstick cookware away from any sharp edges. If you have to stack them, place a sheet of wax paper or a napkin on top of their surfaces to avoid scratches.

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