4 Fascinating Fruit & Vegetable Hacks

4 Fascinating Fruit & Vegetable Hacks

Dealing with fruits and veggies doesn’t need to be difficult. In fact, you’re probably doing lots of things the wrong way and trust us when we tell you your life is about to get a bit easier. See below for four fascinating fruit and vegetable hacks that will likely blow your mind!

1 – Orange Candles

Dreaming of the smell of sweet, sweet citrus? Take an orange and lay it on its side (so that the stem running through the center of the fruit is parallel to the floor). Cut it in half and using a spoon, separate the fruit from the peel. Lift the fruit out and you should be left with the stem still attached to the peel. Fill the rounded peel half way with vegetable oil and light the stem as you would a candle wick. 

2 – Skinning Peaches

Need peaches without the skin for a recipe? Instead of trying to slice the skin away with a knife or peeler, soak them in hot water for 20 seconds. Then transfer the fruit to an ice bath for 10 seconds and you should be able to peel the skin off in one piece with your fingers.

3 – Peeling Mangos

By taking a sharp knife and scoring the top of a mango (making an “X” shape), you’ll then be able to peel the skin away like you would a banana. Much easier than trying to peel the skin with a knife or peeler. 

4 – Growing Arugula

Want to grow your own organic arugula? Take a plastic takeout container and drill 8-10 small holes in the bottom. Fill it with potting soil, wet the soil and then sprinkle in arugula seeds. Fill the rest of the container with soil and spray it damp with water. Place the plastic cover on the container and let it sit for a week. Once you notice roots sprouting through the bottom holes, place the cover upside down underneath the container and you can start to use it as a base to water your arugula from the bottom. In a month’s time, you’ll have a hearty harvest full of your favorite leafy veggie.

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