When Should I Eat Lunch?

When Should I Eat Lunch?

Ah, lunchtime. The only thing you look forward to after breakfast and the only thing that breaks up your day, right? While there’s been plenty of talk over the years about the importance of eating breakfast, we haven’t heard anywhere near as much about that mid-day meal. Between your hectic work schedule and trying to find time to get a workout in, it can be quite difficult to eat lunch certain days — and more importantly, find the right time for lunch. See below to find out the best time(s) to chow down!

If You Ate A Large Breakfast

Are you the type who eats a large breakfast in order to start the day on a full stomach? If you’re doing it properly, a hearty breakfast should leave you feeling full and with plenty of energy for roughly 4-5 hours.

This means, if you ate breakfast at 8am, you should be able to easily make it until around 1pm to dive into your lunch. However, if you’re not hungry yet by 1, there’s no reason to force yourself to eat again.

If You Ate A Small Breakfast

This all depends on how active you typically are during the morning hours. If you like to squeeze in workouts before noon, there’s a good chance you’ll be burning lots of calories which could cause you get hungry again within a few short hours. This is true even if you find yourself working diligently at the office.

Depending on the size of your small breakfast, it’s generally acceptable to be hungry again in about 2-4 hours.

If You Didn’t Eat Breakfast At All

Some of us simply don’t have enough time in the morning to wolf down a meal, even though it’s said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Others can’t stomach the taste or smell of food immediately after they wake up, so they choose not to eat until a few hours later.

In either scenario, if you don’t eat breakfast at all, you might find yourself eating lunch about 3-5 hours after you wake up, and that’s totally normal. In fact, many dieticians suggest aiming for about 3-5 hours between meals for proper digestion.

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