Should I Avoid Reheating My Lunch At Work?

Should I Avoid Reheating My Lunch At Work?

The loud chewer. The cologne overloader. The come in late and leave early. Every office has that person, or people, who grind your gears on a daily basis, it’s inevitable. Sure, you can do your part to mind your business and go about your day, but let’s face it, there are certain things that simply drive office workers crazy. Well, if you want to avoid any sort of stigma in your office, we suggest playing it safe when it comes to using the microwave.

Trust us when we tell you we know how important lunch is during the workday. Whether it’s because you simply need a break from your desk, or you need some energy to get you through the afternoon hours, lunch is vital. But we all know that person who heats up their lunch, only to send a power stench wafting through the air and into the cubicles.

While we’re not saying you should avoid eating lunch altogether, that would just be plain foolish of us, we are saying to have a bit of respect for your coworkers and think twice about reheating the following:

  • Seafood (including fish, scallops, clams, shrimp etc.)
  • Any dish with lots of garlic or onions
  • Hot dogs
  • Kimchi
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Chinese food
  • Fast food
  • Mexican food

Sure, these foods taste great when they’re prepared fresh, or even when they’re reheated at home (depending on the dish). Just do your whole office a favor and save these items for when you go out to eat or when you’re in the comfort of your own home or apartment.

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