5 Reasons To Start Planning Your Company Holiday Party Now

5 Reasons To Start Planning Your Company Holiday Party Now

Summer has come and gone, temperatures are on the decline and the holiday season will be here before we know it. Chances are, you probably haven’t even begun to think about your company holiday party — after all, fall just started a short while ago. But there are plenty of advantages to planning that festive function early so check out a few of the reasons below!

1 – Caterers & Vendors Book Up Fast

The longer you wait, the more limited you’ll be when it comes to choosing a caterer and equipment rental company (should you need one). The holiday season is the busiest time of year for lots of these companies so you’re better off locking in a reservation now.

2 – You’ll Have More Flexibility

When it comes to the food for a corporate event, not everyone can eat everything on the menu. There are more dietary restrictions now than ever before and the company you choose to cater the event may not be able to accommodate all of your needs if you book your party too late. Planning the menu now will give them plenty of time to gather any special ingredients they might need to make sure everyone can indulge.

3 – You’ll Have More Options To Choose From

If you’re not having your holiday party in the office itself, we suggest looking into off-site venues sooner than later. Just think, your company isn’t the only one in the area and the longer you wait, the better the chances are of that perfect venue being booked by someone else.

4 – You’ll Be Able To Make Necessary Changes

Need to make adjustments to the total number of guests, the type of food or drink you wish to have served or the size of the room the party will be held in? If you start planning now, you’ll likely realize things you otherwise wouldn’t, if you wait until the last minute. This will allow you to make changes well before it’s too late.

5 – You Can Focus On Your Bottom Line

The fourth quarter is the most demanding one for lots of businesses and with time off for the holidays, there’s usually no time to waste. Booking your holiday party early will allow you to focus on your bottom line so you can close out the year strong!

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