Restaurant vs. In-House Catering: The Pros & Cons

Restaurant vs. In-House Catering: The Pros & Cons

Should you get your event catered, or should you go out to eat? It’s a question asked by event organizers and office staffers all over the world, with no clear answer in sight. So, we’re here to cover some of the pros and cons of each scenario to make your decision a bit easier:

Restaurant: Pros

When you go out to a restaurant, you get an experience. You won’t be in the office – you’ll be somewhere that might allow people to relax, and have a good time and get their mind off work for a little while.

You’ll know that everything’s being taken care of in a professional kitchen by a professional staff, with plenty of options available for everyone.

If you’re looking for something that will allow you to take your team off-campus, a restaurant might be your best bet.

Restaurant: Cons

There are some real drawbacks to restaurants, though. It’s hard to find a restaurant that can cater to specific needs, and even harder to find one that’s in the right location for every member of your team.

Restaurants also have a tendency to get crowded and busy, which means that the service you expect might not be the service you receive.

Catering: Pros

Catering allows you to remove travel time and seating requirements from the dining equation. You can get everything you need in a location that everyone already knows, all without having to worry about transportation or finding a table big enough for the crowd.

Catering also allows you to be secure in the knowledge that your party or event will be the primary focus of those who are doing the catering and a good catering company will take care of the entire event from beginning to end.

Catering: Cons

The downside to catering is that you might be limited by the space you’re using. If you cater something for the office, you won’t necessarily get the experience you would by going out, but you won’t have to spend time travelling to and from the office.

You may also face a few limitations in the sense that you’ll likely only be ordering a few appetizers and a few main course options, but we can certainly help you make sure you have enough variety to satisfy just about any palate.

While catering can be perfect for most parties, it does have a few drawbacks.

Thinking about going to the catering route? You’ve come to the right place! Our talented team of experts are here to help make your event go as smoothly as you’d ever hope so be sure to contact David’s Soundview Catering today.