Outdoor Baby Shower Ideas For Moms-To-Be

Outdoor Baby Shower Ideas For Moms-To-Be

Spring has definitely sprung and with the weather getting nicer by the day, why not throw an outdoor party? After all, everyone has been cooped up all winter long and it’s finally time to celebrate that baby on the way! We suggest paying close attention to the forecast, and if it calls for sunshine, incorporate these outdoor baby shower ideas into your special day!

Flowers & Vases

You could go all out with rare flowers and expensive vases, but what’s the point? You can achieve the same, or similar, vibe (especially since the party is taking place outside) with some local flowers from the yard and a few glass jars from the cabinet (or a thrift store).

Tables & Chairs

Nothing creates the perfect outdoor ambiance like wooden picnic tables and chairs or benches. It brings out the beauty of nature and provides plenty of room for food, drinks and seating.

Food & Drinks

Why not stick with the outdoor theme and opt for a backyard barbecue or clambake menu? From smoked ribs and brisket to burgers and grilled chicken or clams, mussels, shrimp and lobster, you can’t go wrong with either approach.

Fresh, crisp drinks are also a great idea for outdoor parties. We recommend serving fresh lemonade, iced tea and fruit water in large glass jugs with lots of ice. Hydrating is extremely important especially if it’s warm out and alcohol is being served.

Overall Theme Ideas

  • Nautical/Sailboats
  • Mommy to Bee (bees & honey)
  • Tropical (hula hoops/tiki)
  • Ice Cream Social
  • Picnic

Great food presented and prepared with care is our philosophy for producing fabulous events ranging from white tablecloth cuisine to beachside clambakes and boardroom lunches. Our menus are here to guide and inspire you, while making the process of planning your event an enjoyable and seamless one. Call on the experts at David’s Soundview Catering for your baby shower this season!