New Year’s Eve Party Tips

New Year’s Eve Party Tips

Sometimes, throwing a party in your very own home greatly outweighs trekking out to a bar or nightclub, especially on New Year’s Eve. Just think, you can relax and enjoy great food and inexpensive drinks in your living room and heck, you can even wear sweatpants or pajamas if you want to! As we get ready to countdown the seconds until the ball drops, we wanted to provide you with some NYE Party Tips from a professional point of view:

Have It At Home

Why go out and spend money to rent a space, or head down to an overcrowded bar in the city, when you’ve got a perfectly fine space without going more than 10 feet? It’ll be easier on your wallet and it’ll be more comfortable for your guests.

Cap The Guest List

If you’re fortunate enough to have hundreds of friends, more power to you. But we recommend keeping your NYE bash to those who are closest to you. It will give you more of an opportunity to spend time chatting with your friends and connecting with all of your guests.

Hire A Bartender

Not only will a bartender have the knowledge and expertise to whip up cocktails for just about any palate, it will help keep those who like to overindulge in check. But aside from that, a bartender will help keep the party flowing while keeping the ice, booze and mixers neat and organized.

Provide Plenty Of Food

If there’s going to be alcohol present, it’s a good idea to serve food as well. With that said, there’s no need to go crazy spending hundreds on delectables — have each guest bring a dish or have the party catered so it’s one less thing you need to worry about.

Great food presented and prepared with care is our philosophy for producing fabulous events ranging from white tablecloth cuisine to beachside clambakes and boardroom lunches. At DSC, our menus are here to guide and inspire you, while making the process of planning your event an enjoyable and seamless one.