Halloween Bash Hors D’oeuvres

Halloween Bash Hors D’oeuvres

Halloween Party Appetizer Ideas

Trick-or-Treat, smell our feet. We’ll give you something good to eat! Instead of filling up on sugary candy and unhealthy snacks this Halloween, treat yourself and your ghoulish guests to these hors d’oeuvres instead. They’re so good, it’s scary!


You don’t always have to come up with brand new recipes for Halloween. In fact, if you haven’t tried it out before you could end up really spooking your guests. Put a scary twist on your favorite guacamole recipe by making the dish look like a witch. Use shredded carrot sticks for the hair, olives for the eyes, lime wedges for eyebrows, a small pickle for the nose and a red pepper slice for the mouth. 

Monster Meatball Sliders

Take your standard meatball sliders and make them a little scarier by topping them with provolone cheese in the shape of fangs. You can also add eyeballs but sticking two olive circle slices on toothpicks in the top of the bun.

Bloodshot Deviled Eyeballs

Deviled eggs are a staple when we’re talking about finger foods and you can add a layer of spookiness by topping them olive pupils and sliced pimiento “veins.”

Mummy Brie

Brie cheese and crackers is a hit when it comes to appetizers. For some Halloween flair, wrap a few layers of puff pastry on top and you’ve got yourself a mummified dip!

Graveyard Taco Dip

Take your standard 5- or 7-layer taco dip and turn it into a graveyard by sticking tombstone-shaped tortilla tips in it. You can even write on the “headstones” with a food coloring pen to take it to the next level.

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