Bright, Fun Bat Mitzvah Decor

Bright, Fun Bat Mitzvah Decor

At David’s Soundview Catering, we’re there for the moments that matter most. It’s as simple as that! Last weekend, we were fortunate enough to be called upon to cater a Bat Mitzvah and we sprung, or should we say “summered” into action! The GOH (Guest of Honor in catering lingo) wanted bright, fun colors for her Mitzvah and DSC was happy to jump in on the fun with the décor theme. It was a hit!

The Color Palette

Fuschia and Lime Green were the stars of the day. Certainly, the brightest and most fun colors of late spring and early summer; reminiscent of fresh summer watermelon. Alternating tablecloths with contrasting napkin and seat cushions made the whole room POP!

The Food and Station Design

The DSC Design team had a blast decorating! We created whimsical flowers and stations signs to showcase the Dim Dum and Sliders stations, all within the color palette. Accents of bright colors abounded!

The DSC Bounty Table greeted our guests with artisan cheeses, heirloom crudités, and California rolls. Accented with freshly baked sliced breads, a charcuterie board of only the finest cured meats, fresh fruit shish-kabobs, and gourmet deviled egg platter, the starters got everyone in the party mood.

One of the biggest hits when it came to the food was the DSC Dim Sum station. Chefs steamed to order edamame dumplings, shrimp shumai and lemongrass chicken dumplings. Accompanied by a variety of sauces to enjoy: hoisin, ginger rice scallion soy, spicy mayo and a sweet & spicy chili. How does one decide? Dip them all!

The Drinks

Cocktails and Mocktails on a Saturday afternoon! Adults enjoyed White Summer Sangria, Bellini’s, and Bloody Mary’s. The GOH’s own Bellini Mocktail made with lemonade and peach nectar with a crushed candy rim was the party favorite! Fresh fruit juice and candy? Yes, please!

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