7 Wedding Registry Ideas That Are Anything But Common

7 Wedding Registry Ideas That Are Anything But Common

How many dining sets, kitchen utensils and cookware packages do you really need? The problem is, when you are you significant other tie the knot, these are the types of things friends and family members often turn to for gifts. If a trip your local home goods specialty store just doesn’t sound necessary, these outside-of-the-box wedding registry ideas will surely spark some interest:

1 – A Cooking Class

Now that you have all of these new pots, pans and kitchen utensils, why not learn how to cook a new dish? From creating fresh pasta to roasting vegetables and baking mouth-watering desserts, you’ll be ready to put your new kitchenware to the test. 

2 – A Couples Massage

Saving up for, and planning for the big day can cause some serious stress. Why not unwind with a relaxing couples massage?

3 – A Museum Membership

Maybe cooking isn’t really your thing anyway, and you prefer to spend your free time checking out new exhibits and the local museum. A yearly membership is a wonderful way to satisfy your creative craving without breaking the bank.

4 – An Outdoor Activity

Are you and your new spouse the outdoor activity type? Taking a surfing lesson, planning a camping trip or buying a new canoe or kayak are all great ways to spend some time outside of the house. Check with your local outdoor retailer to see if they offer a registry. 

5 – A Cash Fund

Rather receive cold hard cash to put toward a down payment on a house? There are a number of different online cash fund services you can utilize where you can even let your friends and family members what you wish to use the funds for.

6 – A Beer/Wine Subscription

There seems to be a subscription-based service for just about everything these days, and beer and wine are no exception. If you enjoy trying different varieties, new flavors and limited edition collaborations, this is the perfect registry idea for you!

7 – Airplane Miles

For the couple that just doesn’t seem to sit still, airplane miles are the perfect gift. Just think of how many additional trips you can go on if you don’t have to shell out your personal savings!

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