5 Reasons To Treat Your Staff To A Catered Lunch

5 Reasons To Treat Your Staff To A Catered Lunch

Is it lunchtime yet? Sound like the thought that goes through your head just about every minute of the morning hours? Whether you’re actually very hungry, or you just need a break from your desk and your work, lunch is a vital part of the day. But why treat your staff to a catered lunch rather than leave them all to themselves? There are plenty of great reasons, below!

1 – It Fosters Team Bonding

A catered group lunch allows your employees to spend some quality time together in a more relaxed atmosphere. Whether the conversation is actually about work, or what they enjoy doing in their free time, it’s a great way to have the team bond rather than have them eat solo.

2 – They Hit A Goal or Milestone

Nothing celebrates a goal or a milestone like a nice meal. Treat them to something out of the ordinary for special events and it’ll give them even more of a reason to keep working hard.

3 – It Breaks Up The Day

Sure, lunchtime always breaks up the day, but we’ll bet your staff will have a little more pep in their step knowing they’ve got a delicious lunch to look forward to. With that said, if it’s on the healthier side and doesn’t make them want to take a nap afterwards, they might even work a bit harder during the afternoon hours.

4 – It Shows Them You Care

If you’re the type of boss that stays distant, it could lead to a hostile work environment. By treating them to nice things as a result of their hard work and dedication, it shows them you care about them and appreciate their efforts.

5 – It Offers Diversity

Let’s face it, your employees are probably sick of the same cafeteria food options each day and the local takeout spots just aren’t going to cut it every day. A gourmet catered lunch will allow them to choose from some new and exciting fare they probably don’t eat on a regular basis.

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