3 Pro Tips For Setting Up A Buffet Table

3 Pro Tips For Setting Up A Buffet Table

Whether you’re throwing it in celebration of a holiday, a wedding or because you just want to get together with friends, buffets are great for accommodating lots of people with different palates. While they sure are convenient, they can bring along some major shortcomings if you don’t have a solid plan in mind. What do we mean by that? Well, see below for a few pro tips on setting up a buffet table to maximize efficiencies:

People Move in Herds

It’s amazing how quickly groups of human beings can seem like groups of animals when lots of delicious food is placed in front of them. Keep in mind that people tend to walk up to, and hover around, the buffet table in large, unorganized packs so you’ll want to make a clear beginning and ending point and make sure there’s lots of space around these areas.

It’s also a great idea to put the drinks on the other side of the room to alleviate congestion in any given area.

Maximize Space

This will seemingly be a common theme throughout, but this time we’re talking about storage and the actual food displays. We recommend storing backup items underneath or behind the table so whatever it is is in reach should you need to grab a backup quickly.

You’ll also wanted to utilize cake and dessert plates whenever possible. They tend to stack nicely so you can place lots of food on them without taking up too much horizontal real estate.

Place Cutlery At The End

Why? Because these are items people have to juggle with and as such, they tend to be dropped quite frequently. Place forks, knives, spoons, and cups at the end of the line to avoid holdups near the beginning.

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