Top BBQ Tips

Top BBQ Tips

Who doesn’t love the smell of the grill going? Not only does it let you know that delicious food is coming your way, but it highlights the fact that summer is almost here! For many, grilling is an art, and though you might have your apron and spatula ready to go, a few minor mistakes can take your meal from good to bad fast.

So to ensure you are doing your part in providing tasty and delicious food, you’ll need to consider these tip when it comes time to grill:

Start With a Clean Grill

To ensure every meal has the delicious and seasoned flavor you want, start with a squeaky clean grill. The last thing you want is to find part of your marinated chicken wings from last week, stuck to the side of tonight’s burger. 

Keep it Still

When it comes time to cook the meat, many find themselves eager to flip shift and move. This makes for uneven temps and more work on your part. Are you worried about your meal sticking? Don’t be; the key to knowing when it’s time to flip is when the meat unsticks to the grill.

Avoid Flattening

A burger’s main flavor profile is the fat. Squeezing or flattening to the grill increases the loss of that fat and leaves you with less moisture too. 

Consider a Meat Thermometer 

If you’re not an expert at timing or unsure how to get the perfect temperature, invest in a meat thermometer. It’s a cheap investment and will ensure you get the ideal temperature you want every time.

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