The Secrets for Baking Better Chocolate Chip Cookies

The Secrets for Baking Better Chocolate Chip Cookies

A meal is never complete without dessert! Though there are many decadent and delicious staples out there, one tried, and true dessert that America loves across the board is chocolate chip cookies.

Though you can get them in nearly any story, there always something special about baking your own. If you don’t have a family recipe or a specific one of your own nailed down yet, here are a few things to consider to up your baking game a bit: 

Cold Butter Leads to More Even Baking

Though softened butter might be what you’re used to, and a bit easier to work with, cubes of cold butter will keep the temperature even, helping your cookies bake throughout. The texture might be different than you are used to, but each cookie will be cooked the same. 

Consider Your Sugar Choices

Chewy or crispy? Everyone has their choice! But to ensure you get yours just right, consider the type of sugar you favor. Using more white sugar than brown in your recipe will lead to your cookies spreading more than rising, leaving you with a thinner, crispier recipe. Now, If you want a more intense flavor, opt for more brown sugar than white. 

Consider Chopping Your Own Chocolate Chips

The quality of your chocolate can make a big difference, so if you are feeling a bit daring, find your favorite bit of milk or dark chocolate and chop them to your liking. It’s sure to bring a little personal touch to your cookies every time. 

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