The Do’s and Don’ts of Fresh Produce

The Do’s and Don’ts of Fresh Produce

A well-balanced meal is based on the right fresh fruits and vegetables. Now with summer just around the corner and summer farmer markets popping up, you might find yourself loading up on some of your seasonal favorites.

However, we’ve all had those weeks where with all good intentions, we fill our fridge and counters with fresh produce, only to find that we ate out most of the week, and half of it is rotten and ready for the trash.

To lower your weekly waste, and ensure your making the most of your grocery runs, consider these tips: 

Do Separate Some Fruits

For starters, for those who don’t have a convenient banana rack, you’ll want to be sure your bananas aren’t mixed in with your other counter fruits. The reason being is that these easy snacks can ripen rather fast, and when mixed in, it can lead to your other fruits and veggies to ripen more quickly too. 

Don’t Refrigerate it All

One fruit that often finds its way to the fridge but shouldn’t is tomatoes. Leave them on the counter instead. It will prevent them from becoming mushy and flavorless. Other things that thrive in a dark, dry place instead of your cold fridge include potatoes, avocados, 

Do Plan Meals Around Freshness

Take note of what ripens faster than the rest, or what might not make it through the week, and create all your meals around it. 

Don’t Leave Them in The Plastic Bags

Though they are handy at the store itself, those plastic storage bags should be thrown away as soon as you un-stock. To live their best life, your fresh produce needs room to breathe. Keeping in the bags will increase your chance of mold.

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