Switching Up Your Easter Menu

Switching Up Your Easter Menu

It’s been a very unique month, and though the Easter festivities this year are not the way they usually are, you can still find a way to have a delicious meal with your loved ones in your home. Whether you plan to dress up that day or stay in your comfy clothes but enjoy a meal together, there are several ways you can take this not so typical situation, and make it one to remember:

Make it a Brunch

The day is yours, so why not start the morning off right? You can keep it simple with eggs, bacon, and bagels, or get creative with a more holiday-inspired meal like a potato nest! With some frozen hash browns, a muffin tin, and some cream cheese and pees, you can have a delicious and photo-perfect meal.

Switch up Your Ham

If you refuse to break from your traditional Easter ham, why not put a spin on it. Sure, your mother’s recipe might be something you’ve always been wary of messing with, but there is no better time than today to try something new! You can opt for a pineapple-honey glaze, or try a baked ham with cloves and cinnamon. Not sure which to choose? Here are 16 delicious ideas to consider. 

Don’t Forget Your Desserts

It wouldn’t be the end of a great holiday with a plethora of desserts to choose from. If you are worried about having too many leftover treats, there are several small and quick desserts you can make to help you cover your sweet tooth. Try some holiday-themed cupcakes, using your easter candy, or go with a classic, yet simple to make rice pudding. Either way, dessert does NOT have to be off the table. 

Ditch The Dishes and Order With Us

Why bother making a meal when we can provide you with all your favorites? All our orders serve four and can be ordered Monday – Friday. Just pick it up Friday night, heat it, and enjoy! From seafood scampi to chicken cordon bleu, you can still have a special occasion meal, without the prep and clean up time. See our full menu or place your order for tomorrow’s pick up today! 

Most importantly, be sure to enjoy the holiday with those closest to you.