Not Our Typical Situation – April 2020 Update

A lot Has changed this month, and COVID-19 is now a household word. While many claim we are in uncertain times, we know if we look past the bad news, we see so much good: empty streets mean people are doing their part to prevent the spread of the virus, US companies are stepping up to quickly manufacture urgently needed supplies, and food professionals are re-configuring their way of business to feed first responders, medical workers, truckers, and more. We Americans are made of staunch stuff, and we are rising to the occasion. We are adapting and hope you are too. We hope you stay healthy and safe and look forward to celebrating a safe outcome soon! 
 Culinary Yours,

David and the David’s Soundview Catering Team
What’s Happening at David’s Catering Services 
Like many restaurants and kitchens, our business has dropped dramatically. We had to make the difficult decision to furlough 70 employees. Seventy employees who feel like family. It’s our aim to stay tightly connected so we can bring them all back to work once this is over. 

We started a meal delivery service to keep some employees working and bringing in revenue. Visit our website at for ordering instructions. You can view the MENU here. 

Plus – we include a roll of toilet paper with each order! 

We have always practiced safe food handling and sanitation; we are now including safe distancing for our workers and curbside pick-up procedures. We’re doing all we can to deliver nourishing, satisfying food that you can feel good about.

Now, on to what we love to talk about: food.
Staying in doesn’t mean you can’t eat well. It may mean you need to get a little creative, but that’s part of the fun of food. Get the kids involved in meal planning by looking through the pantry for basic ingredients that can take on a variety of flavors. Here are a few ideas for pantry staples that are anything but bland: 

The slow cooker can be your best friend for hearty soups like White Chicken ChiliLime Navy Bean Chili, or Lemon Chicken and Rice Soup. 

Rice and beans are a great, economical combo and they don’t have to be boring, try a Poor Man’s Burrito bowl, or Chickpea Curry with Rice. And if there’s a box of pasta rattling around back there then Pantry Pasta may be just the recipe to use with just a few canned ingredients. 
Five Ingredients or Less: Simplicity can still be delicious and filling even with just a few ingredients. How about Salsa Chicken or Mexican Casserole – this meatless version has room for ground beef or pulled pork if you have it on hand. And the German-inspired Fried Cabbage and Egg Noodles will surprise you at how flavorful this dish can be with these two humble ingredients. 

Turn an ordinary burger extraordinary with Teriyaki Onion Burgers or the unexpected E.L.T. Egg, lettuce and tomato sandwich – the secret is in the perfectly timed egg. 

We’re down to three ingredients with this Simple Sausage Casserole, a mouthwatering combo of sausage and cream cheese with a flaky crust. 

If you’re out of bread, there’s no reason to panic, here’s a quick and easy 2 Ingredient Flatbread recipe (no yeast!) that will be perfect warm out of the oven. 

Finally, it’s tuna to the rescue. Jazz up this standby with this Tuna Macaroni Salad with dill pickles and capers, my good friend Tim Brown’s favorite thing to make for his wife and kids. 

Emergency Substitutions: Starting a recipe only to discover you’re short on an ingredient doesn’t mean it can’t work out. Here are links to some common emergency substitutions that can save the recipe…and your meal. Emergency subs for·     
Baking powder     
Sour cream
Soy sauce    
Brown sugar    
Poultry seasoning      
Tomato sauce
Community Spotlight:
Generous People Like You
The generosity of our community goes without question, and when it comes to our healthcare workers there’s no exception. 
Thanks to generous donors, David’s Catering Service is fortunate to be part of an ongoing effort to provide meals for healthcare workers.

If you’d like to donate meals to healthcare workers at Stamford Hospital, contact our customer service line at 203-324-5724 or email us at

There are other ways to show your support for those on the front line and two organizations we’ve been a part of are: Food for the Front Lines CT, donate at: or Healthcare Heroes at: