How To Make Your Wedding Day Run Smoothly

How To Make Your Wedding Day Run Smoothly

Why You Should Prepare For The Worst When It Comes To Your Wedding

If you think there are lots of moving parts when it comes to your automobile or your hvac system, just wait until you start planning for your wedding. We’re certainly not here to discourage you by any means, but when it comes to your special day, we promise you it will run more smoothly if you prepare for the worst! Just think about how happy you’ll be if you have a backup plan for a few of the things that can often derail the ceremony or the reception.

The Emergency Kit

This task is often given to the maid of honor and you’ll definitely want to have one on hand at all times during your special day. Some things to include in the kit are: sewing items, safety pins, bobby pins, double sided tape, chapstick, baby powder, breath minds, floss, band-aids and ibuprofen.

The Escort Cards

You’ve got a lot of people attending the reception and there’s no way they’d all be able to find seats at a table without an organized plan. It’s a good idea to display these cards alphabetically so that it’s easy for your guests to find their names and their assigned tables. The last thing you need is a congregation of people near the entrance of the venue, especially if the weather isn’t cooperating outside.


If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, it could be the most spectacular outing of your life, that is, if the weather cooperates. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case so it’s always a good idea to have a form of shelter in mind whether it’s a building you can use as a backup or at the very least, large tents.

Keep It Flexible

Although you probably have most of the day planned out to the minute, it’s natural for certain aspects of the day to get delayed or prolonged. For this reason, it’s a good idea to leave some extra time for certain events and it’s a good idea to keep the DJ and/or band in the loop as well.

Wedding Catering in Stamford

Truly one of the most important days of your life, we understand the need to have this special time be as stress free and seamless as possible – from the planning stages to the big day. Our dedicated wedding planners will make your wedding day dreams come true. Call on the friendly, professional staff at David’s Soundview Catering today!