DSC Teams Up With Starfish Connection For A Pizza-Making Event

DSC Teams Up With Starfish Connection For A Pizza-Making Event

When we get calls to partner with other amazing organizations in our area, we do everything in our power to help out in any way we can! This weekend, we had the opportunity to link up with Wright Tech and Starfish Connection to provide a cooking class to some mentees and their mentors. In true DSC fashion, the event was certainly a hit!

For the event, we were lucky enough to pair up with 20 mentees and their mentors to create five teams. Chef Fran Bove taught them all how to roll out pizza dough and make different kinds of pizza. The catch? It was our goal to teach how to take pizza and make it a much healthier meal. Here’s how it all went down:

Team 1: used wholesome grains to create and cook pizza with whole wheat crust as opposed to your traditional pizza crust.

Team 2: used non-dairy ingredients to create a salad pizza with grilled chicken and a pesto sauce.

Team 3: went with the vegetarian choice using zucchini and eggplant rounds to create a mouthwatering pie.

Team 4: catered to the ever-so-popular gluten-free diet where they used a cauliflower crust.

Team 5: eliminated some of the fat and incorporated some healthier alternatives by using turkey sausage and pepperoni with assorted vegetable toppings.

The results? Five teams of extraordinary children working with our chef to produce some of the best pizzas we’ve ever sunk our teeth into! We couldn’t be more proud of everyone who participated.

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