Consider These Father’s Day Side Dishes

Consider These Father’s Day Side Dishes

Father’s day is quickly approaching. If you haven’t finished your gift purchase or are unsure what to do this year to make the day special, why not cook or grill a big family meal?

If you’re planning to cook some steak, chicken, or utilize your smoker, you’ll want to find the perfect side dishes to accompany the main meal. We have you covered with a few out of the box ideas, below: 

Add Flavor to Your Starch

If you’re spending father’s day firing up the grill with some steaks and hamburgers, you’ll need the perfect starch to pair along with it. Though a traditional potato (mashed or baked), can work just fine, why not consider a tasty, decadent version with these grill- friendly, Three-Cheese Potatoes.

Don’t Skip The Vegetables

From a mixed kebab to a few grilled squashes and eggplants, there are various ways to compliment your main course with a delicious yet healthy vegetable option. One easy option is to add some mushrooms, peppers, and other favorites into a mix—just season, foil, and grill. 

Consider Something Sweet

Share your grill with something a bit sweeter, like pineapple. Quartered lengthwise, and seasoned, a grilled pineapple can be an excellent way to add something sweet to your indulgent Father’s day menu. Another great option? Grilling some butternut squash or sweet potatoes, delicious and easy, too! 

Skip The Dishes and Order With Us!

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