Common Fried Chicken Mistakes

Common Fried Chicken Mistakes

There is nothing like a fresh, crispy, and juicy piece of fried chicken, especially when it’s homemade. However, when it comes to perfecting the process, it is not always an easy task.

And if you’ve ever attempted to create your own fried chicken recipe, and the first try was a bit of a miss, it could be due to a variety of reasons. Luckily, they are all pretty easy to fix! So if you are on a mission to make some delicious fried chicken, here are a few common mistakes you might have made the first time around: 

Common Fried Chicken Mistakes While Cooking 

You Rushed The Prep

One of the essential steps in the fried chicken process is the prepping process. For starters, taking the chicken from a cold fridge, breading, and frying immediately will lead to uneven cooking. 

It would help if you let your chicken sit for about 30 minutes before starting your prep. Before you begin to bread, you want to make sure you dry your chicken thoroughly to allow the breading to stick. Use all the chicken, and don’t forget to use a brine. Though it might seem like an extra step, it plays a big part in the tenderness and moisture level of your chicken. 

You Didn’t Flour Correctly 

A good recipe requires seasoning your flour. Depending on your taste buds, there is no wrong way to go. If you are more of a classic chicken lover, kosher salt and some fresh ground pepper might be all you need. Not only should your flour be seasoned, but you also want to be light with coating. If your chicken was soggy last time, too much flour was probably to blame. 

Your Oil Temperature Isn’t High Enough

Your chicken should not be placed in the oil until the temperature of the oil is around 350 degrees. While cooking, the temperature should not dip below 300 degrees. The reason is that a high temperature will cook the chicken, evenly without any burnt parts.

Keep in mind; you should be frying your chicken (if not using a deep fryer) in a cast-iron skillet with a lid. Don’t overcrowd the pan, and cover it with the lid while frying.

You Didn’t Let it Rest

Though all that cooking has probably worked up an appetite, your chicken needs a bit of rest, and it’s best to be done on a wire cooling rack. This allows the juices and oils to sink in, leaving you with crispy and juicy chicken. 

Now it’s just time to dig in and enjoy!

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