Why You Should Have Your Next Work Party Catered

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Ever host an office party where the food seemed to cause the most stress? You sent out an email to get a good idea of who would be able to attend and you got the venue locked down in no time, but the food, well that was another story.

The guests were supposed to arrive in less than an hour and the rolls weren’t cooking right, the meat was nearly burnt, the salad has was soggy, and the drinks...well you forgot to pick those up on your way. As if work wasn’t stressing you out enough, trying to do something nice for the company was turning into your worst nightmare. You don’t need that stress in your life, and that’s why you need to hire a caterer for your next party.

Allow Yourself To Be The Host

Hiring a caterer is not just a benefit to you, but also your guests. Your job is to be the host or hostess and rather than making sure there is enough food out and that the food is kept at the right temperature, you should be walking around greeting your guests and enjoying yourself.

If you've been to an event where the host is more concerned about the food than the guests and the atmosphere, you know it can totally change the feel of the party.

You Could Order Takeout, But...

Ordering from a local restaurant is always an option, but there is still the hassle of ordering the food and making sure it is picked up on time - not to mention it can be difficult to figure out how much to order.

When you hire a caterer, you hand over all of these stresses to someone else - someone who is an expert at dealing with all of the above. You are no longer in charge of refilling the buffet table or cleaning up the tables as people leave.

Most reputable caterers have been in the business for many years. They know exactly how much food to provide as well as the best ways to serve it. If there is a food emergency, they can take care of it without disrupting the entire event.

Convinced to let an expert deal with some of the major pain points of throwing a party? Take a load off and let a caterer handle the food. You deserve to enjoy the celebration as much as your guests do and you’re in good hands with David’s Soundview Catering. Call us about our corporate food service options today!