What You Don't Actually NEED At Your Wedding

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Trying to save money? We’ve all been there. And if you’re not the type who loves glamour and glitz and going the extra mile for everything you do, there’s no need to do so on your wedding day either. Trust us when we tell you you can throw an exceptional wedding and make all of your guests AND your significant other happy without going overboard. See below to find out a few things you can ax without it coming back to haunt you:

A Guest Book

“Sign your name” guest books were popular back in the day, but for what reason? We’re not quite sure. What are you going to do with a book full of signatures from your friends and family members?

A Professional Makeup Artist

Is it really necessary to pay somebody hundreds of dollars to make you look like somebody you’re not? Skip the professional makeup artist - you can either do it yourself or have one of your talented friends help you. You can use the money you’ll save here, elsewhere.

A Wedding Website

Yes, we live in the “digital” age, but is it necessary to build a website specifically dedicated to your wedding? In the past, people included all of the necessary information on their wedding invitations and if people had additional questions, they would pick up the phone when they called.

A Saturday Wedding

Most couples don’t even consider hosting their wedding on another day of the week, but it can be much cheaper. Friday or Sunday weddings can be just as fun and as beautiful as any Saturday could ever be.

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