What To Plan First For Your Wedding

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Now that you’re engaged, take time to celebrate! But we don’t recommend celebrating for too long because the earlier you start planning for the big day, the better. While it’s not vital to plan every aspect of the wedding during the very first few months of being engaged, there are certainly things you’ll want to think about right away. See below for five things to start planning right now for your wedding in 2018.

Set a Timeline: now that you’re engaged, all of your friends and family members are going to be asking when you plan on getting married. It’s time to start figuring out when you’ll want to go look at venues and determining dates that work for you and your significant other.

Create a Folder or Binder: this will be your bible during the entire process. Use a folder or binder to keep all of your notes, store phone numbers and advertisements for vendors, and start jotting down designers and colors you might like for your dress.

Commit to a Budget: set aside an approximate amount of money you and your fiance want to spend on various items pertaining to the wedding and do your best to stick to that budget throughout the process.

Draft a Guest List: it’s time to decide on who you want to be in your wedding party and start thinking about the guests you definitely want to invite and those who you don’t. Keep in mind the list can change as time passes, but it’s best to start thinking about it early.

Hire a Planner: let’s face it, no matter how organized you are you could always use a little extra help. We recommend hiring a professional planner to take some of the stress off of your plate.

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