Top Breakfast Foods Around The World

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Even though breakfast has been deemed “the most important meal of the day” for as far back as we can remember, not everyone wakes up and starts their day with the same types of food. In fact, lots of countries fill their bellies with completely different types of cuisine before they head out to take on the day. See below to find out what people are eating for their first meal in different parts of the world.


You may have heard of vegemite, the dark brown spread made from brewer’s yeast, but did you know it’s how most Australians begin their day? The typical breakfast here includes cold cereal and toast with vegemite.


Us Americans may consider this more of a meal you’d eat for lunch, but breakfast in Brazil usually consists of ham, cheese and bread with a cup of coffee.


The love for dim sum has spread across the globe and for good reason. Typical breakfast foods do vary by region, but dim sum is popular throughout China.


Why save it for dinner when you can have it for breakfast? Pakistanis typically enjoy much heartier breakfasts than most countries - like stews made with beef sirloin and shan pieces.


You may be thinking, “does anyone else eat eggs?” The answer is yes, but not in the same way we do here in America. Nasi goreng is a common breakfast meal in Indonesia - it consists of a fried egg, fried rice and sometimes meat or seafood.


Cubans prefer a lighter fare for breakfast. Their days typically start with cafe con leche, or coffee with milk, served with a buttered tostada.


The breakfast foods in Japan don’t really differ from the meals they eat throughout the rest of the day. For breakfast, there’s typically miso soup, steamed white rice, Japanese pickles and fish.

Now that you’ve learned about how some countries across the world begin their day, which typical breakfast dish would you choose?

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