The Great Debate: Should You Fry or Roast Your Thanksgiving Turkey?

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It’s been a popular topic of debate for years - are deep fried turkeys better than traditional roasted turkeys? The answer is rather complex and of course, it depends on a great deal of factors including personal preference. But with Turkey Day just about a week away, we’re going to let you in on a few pro secrets: once you fry a turkey, you may never eat it any other way.

The Pros of Frying a Turkey:

  • White meat is more tender
  • Dark meat is more flavorful
  • The skin will be crispy, not soggy or chewy
  • It takes up less space in the kitchen, because it should be fried outside
  • It’s faster and more efficient than roasting
  • It gives the chef something to do - all you need is to set up a fryer and fill a cooler with beer

The Cons of Frying a Turkey:

  • No roasting pan means no drippings which ultimately means no gravy - unless you make the gravy ahead of time
  • You need lots of oil - at least 3 gallons worth for a 12-pound turkey
  • You need to get rid of the oil after the fact and it CANNOT go down the drain
  • You won’t be able to inhale the delicious smells of an oven-roasted turkey throughout the house
  • It can be dangerous if you don’t follow proper safety measures

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