Stop Drinking Your Calories

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Putting in hours at the gym or working out outside and not seeing much of an improvement? Believe it or not, diet plays a larger role than exercise when it comes to looking and feeling your best and it’s not only about what you eat. Most people don’t realize that the beverages they consume on a daily basis are loaded with calories that are causing you to pack on the pounds.

Be mindful of the following facts and statistics, especially while you’re sitting at your desk all day long. After all, the less active you are during the day and the more calories your drinks contain, the worse off you’ll be when it comes to losing weight:

Alcohol: you may not be consuming alcoholic beverages while you’re at work, but let’s face it - it’s 2018 and lots of offices these days are stocked with booze. A rough day at work may also cause you to crack open a beer or pour a glass of wine when you get home - each of which can contain 100+ calories per drink.

Soda: the average can of soda can contain upwards of 150 calories and nearly 40g of sugar, not to mention the high-fructose corn syrup, fruit juice or sugar substitutes that aren’t doing you any good. This means the average person would need to run a mile in order to burn off the calories they ingested in that one can of soda alone.

Sports Drinks: Gatorade and Powerade both pack 34g of sugar and Vitamin Water isn’t as healthy as you thought either - it’s got about 32g of sugar per bottle. Stick to regular water or sparkling water instead.

By trimming the fat (calories) in what you drink each day, you’ll see your body make some favorable changes. Of course, every person is different and your body may react differently than somebody else, but being mindful of the calories you’re drinking can really make a difference.

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