Is It OK To Serve Alcohol At Work?

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It’s Friday afternoon and it’s been a very long week. Your employees stayed late a few nights this week and they’re really starting to feel burnt out. You know that an ice cold beer or a delicious cocktail would really raise their spirits, but is it ok to serve alcohol at work? After all, it could lead to a major disaster if your staff doesn’t turn out to be as responsible as you had hoped.

You’ve probably heard about a bunch of advertising or marketing agencies that aren’t shy or covert when it comes to having a pop in the office. In fact, lots of companies have liquor bottles, decanters and rocks glasses in plain sight all throughout the workplace.

As with most things in life, there are plenty of arguments as to why you should serve alcohol in the office and there are plenty of folks who wholeheartedly disagree with that notion.


  • Incentivises and enthuses employees
  • Gives them a chance to bond
  • Allows them to get away from their desks and have fun mingling
  • Aids in the creative process
  • “If you treat employees like adults, they’ll respond accordingly.”


  • Could enable alcohol problems and destructive drinking behaviors
  • Makes employees who don’t drink feel excluded
  • Company is responsible for legal mishaps
  • Employees spend too much time away from their desks
  • Too much alcohol can inhibit the creative process

So, is there a definitive answer on whether or not you should allow alcohol in your office? No, there is not. It’s definitely a decision you’ll have to think about while you weigh out the pros and cons. There are sound arguments on both sides - but it may be worth opening up the discussion to some of your employees to see their side of the story. After all, happy employees means an increase in productivity.

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