How To Throw A Successful Cocktail Party

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Food. Music. Drinks. That’s really all you need to throw a party, right? Well, sort of. But there are a few secrets to follow when it comes to separating your cocktail party from the rest - especially if you want your friends to really have a blast. So, grab a quick snack, pour yourself a drink and read a few tips from the experts, below:

Don’t Overlook The Hors D’oeuvres: sure, you can put out a bowl of chips and throw some crackers and cheese on a plate, but is that going to get your guests raving? We don’t think so. Put a little more time and effort into the appetizers and make sure they’re bursting with flavor. It’s also a better idea to have too much food than not enough, especially since your guests will be consuming alcohol.

Make Sure The Drinks Don’t Run Out: it is a cocktail party after all, so make sure there’s plenty of cocktails on hand. It will be a real buzz kill if a designated driver has to take a trip to the liquor store mid-party.

Set The Mood: ever been to party where the lights were too bright or it was so dark you could barely see the person you were speaking to? Let’s not let that happen at your cocktail party. We recommend placing candles in clusters and utilizing your dimmer switches in order to create the perfect atmosphere.

Create a Playlist: music is one of the most integral pieces to any party. We suggest creating a playlist beforehand so you don’t have to keep running over to the speakers to change the song. With that said, remember not everyone has the same taste in music so incorporate a mix of genres as long as they align with the theme of the party.

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