How To Eat Healthier Lunches At Work

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Let’s face it - beach season is here and a lot of us are still unhappy with the way we look. There’s certainly no reason to be ashamed, but there are lots of important changes you can make right now in order to speed up the process. We all know eating healthy all week long can be a stretch, but cleaning up your diet during especially during work hours can really help.

Think Ahead

If you can dedicate some time during the weekend to prep meals for the work week, you’ll be way ahead of the game. We do realize however, that this isn’t always possible with our busy lives. You should at least be thinking ahead, at some point during the morning hours, about what you want to eat for lunch.

This will help you go into the cafeteria with a plan rather than freezing up and ordering a slice of pizza or grabbing chicken fingers and fries.

Get The Sauce/Dressing On The Side

Lots of condiments and dressings are loaded with carbs which is why you should ask for them on the side. This way, you can control how much you use rather than having whoever is preparing your meal dump entirely too much onto whatever it is that you’re about to eat.

Be Wise With The Sides

While it’s common for sandwiches, burgers and the like to come with some sort of side dish (like fries, potato salad, mac salad, etc.) it’s always best to opt for veggies instead. Your typical sides are usually loaded with oils and fats that you should be steering clear of.

Snack Smarter

It’s normal to get hungry in between breakfast and lunch or in between lunch and the time you leave for the day, and it’s all about what you snack on that plays a major role on your health. Choosing healthier snacks like nuts, fruits or vegetables will do you and your body so much better than grabbing another bag of chips, a few cookies or a piece of cake.

Making these minor changes at work could help you build more confidence for when it’s time to hit the beach this summer. You can thank us later!

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