Four Last-Minute Wedding Details You Can't Forget

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Your wedding is just a few days away, but now is not the time to put a halt on the planning and preparing. Trust us when we tell you it’ll all be worth it when you’re on your honeymoon reflecting back on how amazing the day was and how smooth everything went. See below for a list of small, but crucial details you definitely can’t forget about:

Give Your Vendors A Ring

Don’t forget to check in with all of your vendors before the big day. You’ll want to confirm all arrangements and make sure they have a cell phone number to call should they get lost or have any last-minute questions.

Divvy Out The Tips In Advance

The last thing you’ll want to worry about during your wedding is making sure you tip the vendors an appropriate amount. We suggest planning this out beforehand using labeled envelopes so you can simply hand them over instead of digging into your bag or your pockets to search for cash.

Talk To Your DJ

Creating a playlist for the big day? Keep in mind that lots of famous songs were remade by a number of artists or are available in a number of different versions. Be sure to confirm the exact song and artist you want to hear with the DJ beforehand.

Pack For Your Honeymoon

It’s just one less thing you’ll have to worry about after the wedding. Make sure you include your passport and all other travel documents you might need. This way, you can grab your luggage and head off to your destination without a worry in the world.

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