Festive Ways To Set The Table For Thanksgiving

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Sure, most of us will give the trophy to the Turkey when it comes to the most important thing on the table, but let’s not downplay the rest of the items. What do we mean by this? We mean that putting a little bit of thought and creativity into setting the table can really go a long way. See below for a few festive ideas that will take your Thanksgiving dinner to the next level:

Make Use of The Harvest

When we think of fall, we typically think of things like leaves, pumpkins, gourds, nuts, fruits and veggies. Take these items into consideration when setting the table. You can place some sporadically across the table and you can take some of the bounty to each place setting.

Get Crafty With Place Cards

If your family spends more time trying to pick the perfect seat at the table than they do eating their meal, it’s a good idea to take the thinking out of it. We recommend creating festive place card turkeys using small plastic cups, construction paper and chocolate covered almonds.

Go For Gold

If you’re tired of the same old stainless steel silverware, step it up a notch and go for gold this holiday. After all, gold is a fantastic fall color and it’s quite trendy. Remember, you don’t necessarily need a brand new set, check out local estate sales or thrift stores for great deals.

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