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Ever stop and think about how important food is on any given day? Sounds like a bizarre statement, right? Of course food is important - we need energy and nutrients to survive. But think about how important it is during a given work day. If your employees aren’t eating (or aren’t eating the right things) your bottom line could suffer as a result.

Corporate Food Service Solutions | Gourmet Catering Stamford CT

If you want your staff to have access to the finest breakfast and lunch options around and want to make that one less thing to worry about, you’ve come to the right place. After all, you’ve got meetings to attend and work to get done - there’s no time to think about what’s going on in the kitchen!

At DSC, it’s our goal to help increase productivity and your bottom line!

David’s Soundview Catering’s Culinary Trained Chefs and experienced Food Safety Certified Professionals manage all preparation and serving logistics within your existing kitchen space.

We can also revamp your current layout and appliances in your food service space to help you achieve maximum efficiency and productivity.

Here’s The Rundown:

  • Our value-based menus include vegan, organic and ethnic specialties
  • With consistent menu rotation, even the most discerning palate is happy
  • Our hallmark is service
  • We offer a multitude of professional service options

Interested in learning more about our Corporate Food Service Solutions or finding gourmet catering in Stamford, CT? Call us today at 203-324-5724 or send an email to Our team will assess your needs and prepare a cost-effective quote promptly!