Battle of the Chefs Recap

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If you weren’t able to attend the renowned Battle of the Chefs competition, we’re sure you’re sitting on the edge of your seat waiting to hear the results! Well, we can assure you this year’s event was second to none and each chef whipped up some incredible plates. We’re going to give you a quick recap of the action-packed event, below:

The Cause

"Battle of the Chefs" competition is a fundraiser for Founders Hall, a donor-supported senior recreation center, in Ridgefield, CT.

The Competitors

Brian Bender - David’s Soundview Catering

Zachariah Campion – Bailey’s Backyard

André Gainer – Luna Rossa

For Starters

Three chefs were asked to compete in a "chopped-like" challenge, in front of a live audience, and prepare an hors d'oeuvres featuring a "secret" ingredient ahead of time. The secret ingredient this year was Point Reyes Blue Cheese.

The Main Dish

For the entrée round the chefs opened a basket of surprise ingredients in front of an audience of over 200 and, in just 60 short minutes, competed to create a masterpiece.  

The mystery basket contained Bone in Pork roast, kohlrabi, rhubarb, and pickled ginger.

Our Very Own Chef Brian’s Creations

Brian’s appetizer was a Point Reyes Blue Cheese polenta cake, Korean bbq pulled pork, blue cheese crema, oven dried shiitake and pink peppercorn dust, and arugula oil.

His entrée was a whole roasted and carved pork loin, kohlrabi rhubarb fried rice, a Vietnamese style mango apple pickled ginger verjus pork demi glace, fried pickled ginger, roasted whole carrot.

The Results

Chef Andre from Luna Rossa walked away as the champion of this year’s battle, judged and voted on by the food experts, below:

Brendan Walsh – Culinary Institute of America

Amy Kundrat – CTBites

John Baricelli – Sono Bakery, Norwalk

So, How Much Did The Event Raise?

So far the tally is that this year’s battle has raised over $63,000, compared to last years 45K. All of us at David’s Soundview Catering are honored to be a part of that success!

DSC has a long history of community outreach and support. We love the spirit and generosity that Founders Hall provides for the senior community and their families, especially since our Chef lives in Ridgefield. Thanks to all who attended and for all of the support, we couldn’t do it without you!