A Few Of The Oldest Wedding Traditions Explained

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Why are wedding cakes tiered? What’s the point of getting down on one knee to propose? Toast? There are hundreds of wedding traditions that nobody really thinks twice about - but how did they start and is there some sort of actual meaning behind them? Find out below:

Wedding Cakes

Why are there typically multiple levels of a wedding cake? Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just a tactic used to make sure there’s enough cake to go around. It started at the wedding of Prince Leopold, Duke of Albany, in 1882 and it stuck around ever since.

Getting Down On A Knee

The specifics behind this tradition are largely speculation, but it can be tied back to the middle ages during the days of chivalry and knighthood. Men would get down on a knee in front of the woman they adored and knights would take a knee in front of their lords as a sign of ultimate obedience and loyalty.

Having A Toast

We’re not talking about the breakfast staple, here. We’re talking about the tradition of a speech followed by a sip of a drink. It started way back in ancient times when the Greeks and Romans would raise their cups to pay homage to their Gods. The actual term “toast” came about in the 16th century when pieces of bread were used to improve the taste of wine. Thank goodness wine tastes much better these days!

Having Bridesmaids

Now, they help plan the wedding and take care of some of the logistics. But it all started in Roman times where the bride would choose 10 witnesses to dress identically to her in order to act as decoys to evil spirits trying to harm the bride.

So, now that you know why some of these traditions exist, you can go ahead and teach your wedding party something new!

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