5 Ways To Make Your Employees LOVE Coming To Work

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It’s not easy to get somebody to love their job - after all, it is “work.” But we all know the better the work environment, the more your employees will actually like coming into the office. No, we’re not telling you to make drastic changes like giving everyone unlimited vacation time or having dedicated sections of the office for nap time. These five things are quite easy to implement and they can make a WORLD of difference:

Flexible Hours: sure, you can still have your employees work 40 hours a week, but giving them a flexible time frame when they come in and leave each day can really help them with their work-life balance.

Incentives & Rewards: everyone’s working for their paycheck, but when they put in the extra time and go above and beyond in whatever it is they’re working on, it’s always nice to reward them with something extra special. Maybe it’s an added PTO day or maybe it’s a small bonus. Whatever you choose, it makes them feel appreciated and can keep them motivated.

Catered Meals: is there anyone in the office who doesn’t look forward to a catered meal - something other than the standard cafeteria food or the pizza spot they go to regularly? Whether you choose to bring in a special breakfast, lunch for the team or even a dinner party, we’ve got you covered!

Company Outings: set up an event for the entire staff to partake in outside of the office. We recommend providing them with tickets to a local sporting event, setting up cooking classes or dedicating a small budget to a company-wide happy hour.

Casual (Fri)Days: there are certain industries where formal attire is required and we completely understand that. But for industries that aren’t so strict, it’s okay to allow business casual clothing. In many cases, employees actually work more efficiently when they’re more comfortable with what they’re wearing.

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