4 Spring Cocktail Recipes To Include At Your Next Party

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Spring is finally here and you can say goodbye to dreary cold nights. Let the sunshine put a smile upon your face and the bartender put a drink in your hand. After all, there's nothing like having great friends over for cocktails during a nice spring day.

Tired of the same old drinks? It's time to change things up and try something new. This season, incorporate new drink recipes to spring on your party guests. Step up your game by trying things like sorbet based cocktails, fresh produce, or refreshing leafy greens (mint or herbs). A change is good for the soul, body, and the mind:

  • Mint Julep: They’re synonymous with race tracks, fancy attire and elaborate hats, but the bourbon and mint based drink is great and refreshing.
  • Mimosas: They’re not just for brunch, trust us. And they don’t have to be so simple either. We recommend going the Peach Melba or the Tangerine Sorbet route.
  • Lemon-Thyme Vodka Lemonade: Vodka? Check. Thyme? Check. Lemonade? Check. You’ve got all the ingredients for the perfect springtime cocktail. The question is, do you have enough?
  • Le Blue Glacier: if you can get your hands on huckleberries, you’re ahead of the game. Now it’s time to muddle them with organic cane sugar and a dash of vanilla and then mix in your favorite potato vodka. If you’re feeling really fancy, you can garnish the drink with smoked cheddar cheese.

There are so many more recipes to try, this is just small taste to start your journey. Remember the drinks can be simple or elaborate depending on what type of splash you want to make at your party. For additional ideas and tips or if you are interested in catering for your party, visit us at http://davidscatering.com/.