3 Smelly Foods You Should Avoid Reheating At Work

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We all know that person who sticks their food in the microwave during their lunch break only to completely stink out the office a few minutes later. Even though it may be the best tasting meal you’ve ever sunken your teeth into, please, we repeat, please be aware of your environment and have some courtesy toward your co-workers. Avoid eating these heavily scented foods in the office:


If you are trying to make friends and climb up the social ladder at your workplace, it is best to avoid reheating fish in your communal microwave. This can be such a severe offense that some office kitchens have signs preventing warning against such a thing.


Unless you are the person eating curry, the aroma coming from the dish can be entirely too strong. Combine that with being reheated in a microwave, and you have the beginning of an office riot. If you plan on taking this risk anyway, be sure to find a good place to hide when your coworkers start looking for the source of the smell.


You definitely don't need to share this guilty pleasure with the rest of your co-workers. The smell of eggs can be bad enough and if you heat them up in the microwave, forget about it.

If the scents emanating from your lunch are considered to be offensive, prepare to be ridiculed and ostracized. We recommend avoiding these situations at all costs - your team, your boss and the rest of the office will thank you!