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Battle of the Chefs Recap

If you weren’t able to attend the renowned Battle of the Chefs competition, we’re sure you’re sitting on the edge of your seat waiting to hear the results! Well, we can assure you this year’s event was second to none and each chef whipped up some incredible plates. We’re going to give you a quick recap of the action-packed event, below:

The Cause

"Battle of the Chefs" competition is a fundraiser for… Read More

How To Eat Healthier Lunches At Work

Let’s face it - beach season is here and a lot of us are still unhappy with the way we look. There’s certainly no reason to be ashamed, but there are lots of important changes you can make right now in order to speed up the process. We all know eating healthy all week long can be a stretch, but cleaning up your diet during especially during work hours can really help.

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Who Said Lunch in a Box Was Boring?

When you hear of a “boxed lunch” your mind probably automatically things of a pb&j sandwich in a lunch box or something similar (swap out pb&j for your favorite cold cuts on white bread). Well, we’ve got something else in mind and we think we’ll be able to change the way you think as well. See below for a few examples of how boxed lunches can actually be classified as “gourmet meals.”

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Is It OK To Serve Alcohol At Work?

It’s Friday afternoon and it’s been a very long week. Your employees stayed late a few nights this week and they’re really starting to feel burnt out. You know that an ice cold beer or a delicious cocktail would really raise their spirits, but is it ok to serve alcohol at work? After all, it could lead to a major disaster if your staff doesn’t turn out to be as responsible as you had hoped.

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Why You Should Have Your Next Work Party Catered

Ever host an office party where the food seemed to cause the most stress? You sent out an email to get a good idea of who would be able to attend and you got the venue locked down in no time, but the food, well that was another story.

The guests were supposed to arrive in less than an hour and the rolls weren’t cooking right, the meat was nearly burnt, the… Read More

What to Wear to a Work Cocktail or Dinner Party

You’ve got a cocktail party or a work dinner on the horizon and you’re just starting to think about what you’re going to wear. Should I go with a dress and heels or should I go a bit more casual? Should I break out the 3-piece suit or will a blazer and jeans do the trick? There are so many options to consider and there’s not one single finite answer. It is important to keep… Read More

Proper Etiquette For Dining Out With An Employer

Is a dinner with your boss or coworker on the horizon? This is a great opportunity to network in a semi-formal or informal setting. Here are the etiquette tips you should know to make your next business dinner a success.

Arrive On Time

Arriving on time - or even early - signals to your employer that you value their time. If something comes up that makes you late, make sure to communicate… Read More

How To Make Your Morning Coffee Taste Better

Have you ever had a cup of coffee and on the very first sip, you know, it is a great cup of coffee? Experiences like that can happen both at home and at a coffee shop. So what is the secret to getting that great cup of coffee? Since we all prefer our coffee differently, it really comes down to trial and error. But here are a few things to keep in mind:

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Cinco de Mayo Office Style

Looking for a good reason to amplify the atmosphere in the office? Why not celebrate Cinco de Mayo with your coworkers? Just think of how high everyone’s spirits will be when the smell of tacos and cold beer or margaritas fills the air on a Friday afternoon.

Since you’ve got plenty to worry about (that morning meeting or that report that’s due by the end of the day) let DSC take care… Read More

4 Spring Cocktail Recipes To Include At Your Next Party

Spring is finally here and you can say goodbye to dreary cold nights. Let the sunshine put a smile upon your face and the bartender put a drink in your hand. After all, there's nothing like having great friends over for cocktails during a nice spring day.

Tired of the same old drinks? It's time to change things up and try something new. This season, incorporate new drink recipes to spring on… Read More