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5 Fall Lunches That Are Perfect For The Office

Cooler weather is making its way into town, you’re swapping out your summer clothes for heavier layers and fall’s flavors are among us! It’s time to get away from those bland brown bag lunches and start incorporating some of the delectable treats the season brings with it. Looking for a few ways to spice up your office lunches this fall? We’re here to help!

Turkey Apple Panini

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Staff Picks: Favorite Foods Edition

Whether you’re hosting a corporate event or outing, or getting to throw a holiday party the food just be the most important thing on the list. After all, is it really a party or event without food? Well, we’ve taken a poll and we’re going to let you know what foods our own staff just can’t get enough of. Hint hint, you may want to consider these items for your upcoming gathering!

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How Long Can You Let Food Sit Out Before it Goes Bad?

We have all done it before. You go grocery shopping and buy food and forget to put it away or you take it out to defrost and forget all about it. Maybe you left food out after a meal because you told yourself you’d go back for seconds or maybe you let it sit out for a while before it was eaten in the first place.

So you’re probably wondering how long… Read More

How To Make Sure You Order Enough Food

There is nothing worse than throwing a party or a meeting and not having enough food for the guests to eat. Just imagine what that potential client or new employee will think if he or she gets up to the line only to find out there isn’t enough food to go around! To be sure that you order the right amount of food, here are a few simple guidelines to follow:

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What Should I Do With Leftovers?

You’ve got a big work event coming up and it’s time to put in the food order. You know lots of people will be attending and you’d hate to run out of food before everyone is full, right? So you take it upon yourself to order a little extra, only to realize you wound up order entirely too much! So, what should you do with the leftovers? Here are some ideas:

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Is My Diet Making Me Tired?

Feel like it’s impossible to get through the day without dozing off? Find yourself heading to the kitchen for another cup of coffee so you can avoid those heavy eyelids? Have you ever actually fallen asleep at your desk?

Dedicating yourself to a full workday can be tough and making sure you’re bright eyed and bushy tailed all day long can be even tougher. What you put into your body has a… Read More

5 Meal Prep Hacks You Need To Utilize Right Now

If you're a busy person, chances are you understand the convenience of fast food. However, if you want to maintain a healthy body and save money, it's best to avoid fast food and cook at home. However, most people don't have the time. Thankfully, meal prepping is the happy medium. Consider these five ways you can effectively meal prep without too much difficulty.

1. Use automated tools. If you love mashed sweet… Read More

Executive Chef Spotlight: Brian Bender

He may not be the face of the company here at DSC, but we certainly wouldn’t be where we are today without him! DSC has a long history of community outreach and support. We love the spirit and generosity that our very own community displays, and we couldn’t be happier that our Chef lives right here in Ridgefield.

So, who is the guy who makes all of the magic come to life… Read More

How To Smoke Meat Without A Smoker

Sometimes we want to run away from our complicated lives and retreat to a simple one. Most people agree that the smell of a smokey bar-b-q accommodates the escape quite well, taking us back to times when we enjoyed the fun, friends, family and weather.

Expert pitmasters have their smokers ready at all times for those classic outdoor summer cookouts, but not everybody, has space or the money for a professional smoking… Read More

Clam Bake Party Menu

Picture yourself sitting down at a big table in the backyard with a plate full of lobster, corn on the cob, parsley steamed potatoes and cherry stone clams and Blue Point oysters on your plate. Is your mouth watering yet? There’s no better way to enjoy a summer evening than by enjoying a New England-style clam bake with friends and family.

David’s New England Clam Bake

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