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Benefits of Farm Fresh Foods

Sure, you could head out to the local supermarket and get your hands on some fresh fruits and veggies, but do you really know where they came from or how they were harvested? It may come as no surprise that foods fresh from the local farms taste better and provide some health benefits that mass-producing can’t mimic, but what may be surprising is that a small catering company, like us, chooses to take full advantage… Read More

Why Choose DSC For Corporate Catering?

This is David’s Soundview Catering, a premiere catering and events company based in Stamford, CT, serving Connecticut and New York since 1988. But that doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of what makes David’s Soundview Catering the best choice for all of your corporate catering needs. Lots of companies out there will tell you their food is delicious and their service is second to none, but here’s what sets us apart:

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Corporate Catering Checklist

Let’s face it - we’d all forget important things if we didn’t write them down or follow a checklist of sorts. The same goes for when you’re trying to find a catering service for your office party, business meeting or networking event. Before you go ahead and choose any random caterer, make sure you’re asking them the following questions:

Variety - do you offer a variety of food options or am I… Read More

Stop Drinking Your Calories

Putting in hours at the gym or working out outside and not seeing much of an improvement? Believe it or not, diet plays a larger role than exercise when it comes to looking and feeling your best and it’s not only about what you eat. Most people don’t realize that the beverages they consume on a daily basis are loaded with calories that are causing you to pack on the pounds.

Be… Read More

5 Fruits To Fill Up On This Summer

Warmer weather is here and that means it’s time to switch over to flip-flops and change up your diet. After all, it was one of your New Year’s resolutions to eat healthier this year, right? Better late than never! See below to find out which five fruits we’re sinking our teeth into this summer to avoid dehydration and fill our bodies with some vital nutrients!

Tart Cherries - they’re extremely rich in… Read More

Top Breakfast Foods Around The World

Even though breakfast has been deemed “the most important meal of the day” for as far back as we can remember, not everyone wakes up and starts their day with the same types of food. In fact, lots of countries fill their bellies with completely different types of cuisine before they head out to take on the day. See below to find out what people are eating for their first meal in different parts of… Read More

Battle of the Chefs Recap

If you weren’t able to attend the renowned Battle of the Chefs competition, we’re sure you’re sitting on the edge of your seat waiting to hear the results! Well, we can assure you this year’s event was second to none and each chef whipped up some incredible plates. We’re going to give you a quick recap of the action-packed event, below:

The Cause

"Battle of the Chefs" competition is a fundraiser for… Read More

How To Eat Healthier Lunches At Work

Let’s face it - beach season is here and a lot of us are still unhappy with the way we look. There’s certainly no reason to be ashamed, but there are lots of important changes you can make right now in order to speed up the process. We all know eating healthy all week long can be a stretch, but cleaning up your diet during especially during work hours can really help.

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Who Said Lunch in a Box Was Boring?

When you hear of a “boxed lunch” your mind probably automatically things of a pb&j sandwich in a lunch box or something similar (swap out pb&j for your favorite cold cuts on white bread). Well, we’ve got something else in mind and we think we’ll be able to change the way you think as well. See below for a few examples of how boxed lunches can actually be classified as “gourmet meals.”

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Is It OK To Serve Alcohol At Work?

It’s Friday afternoon and it’s been a very long week. Your employees stayed late a few nights this week and they’re really starting to feel burnt out. You know that an ice cold beer or a delicious cocktail would really raise their spirits, but is it ok to serve alcohol at work? After all, it could lead to a major disaster if your staff doesn’t turn out to be as responsible as you had hoped.

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