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Proper Etiquette For Dining Out With An Employer

Is a dinner with your boss or coworker on the horizon? This is a great opportunity to network in a semi-formal or informal setting. Here are the etiquette tips you should know to make your next business dinner a success.

Arrive On Time

Arriving on time - or even early - signals to your employer that you value their time. If something comes up that makes you late, make sure to communicate… Read More

How To Make Your Morning Coffee Taste Better

Have you ever had a cup of coffee and on the very first sip, you know, it is a great cup of coffee? Experiences like that can happen both at home and at a coffee shop. So what is the secret to getting that great cup of coffee? Since we all prefer our coffee differently, it really comes down to trial and error. But here are a few things to keep in mind:

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Cinco de Mayo Office Style

Looking for a good reason to amplify the atmosphere in the office? Why not celebrate Cinco de Mayo with your coworkers? Just think of how high everyone’s spirits will be when the smell of tacos and cold beer or margaritas fills the air on a Friday afternoon.

Since you’ve got plenty to worry about (that morning meeting or that report that’s due by the end of the day) let DSC take care… Read More

4 Spring Cocktail Recipes To Include At Your Next Party

Spring is finally here and you can say goodbye to dreary cold nights. Let the sunshine put a smile upon your face and the bartender put a drink in your hand. After all, there's nothing like having great friends over for cocktails during a nice spring day.

Tired of the same old drinks? It's time to change things up and try something new. This season, incorporate new drink recipes to spring on… Read More

3 Smelly Foods You Should Avoid Reheating At Work

We all know that person who sticks their food in the microwave during their lunch break only to completely stink out the office a few minutes later. Even though it may be the best tasting meal you’ve ever sunken your teeth into, please, we repeat, please be aware of your environment and have some courtesy toward your co-workers. Avoid eating these heavily scented foods in the office:


If you are trying… Read More

Power Foods To Keep You Focused And Energized At Work

Find yourself pouring a 3rd, 4th or 5th cup of coffee throughout the day? Have trouble focusing after lunch? Ready for a nap by 2pm? The struggle is real!

We all know how difficult it can be to make it through any given work day, but there are a few ways to fight back. The main idea is to focus on getting more vitamin B and protein and we hope this list… Read More

Corporate Themed Lunch Packages

There’s nothing worse than thinking about lunch during the morning hours only to realize you’ve got nothing special to look forward to. In fact, it can be quite deflating and it can even cause a decrease in production. Why run the risk of ruining your morning when you can get excited for a special themed lunch?

Soft Taco Bar - $16.95 Per Person

Choose 2: Seasoned & Baked Fish, Cilantro & Lime… Read More

Corporate Food Service Solutions

Ever stop and think about how important food is on any given day? Sounds like a bizarre statement, right? Of course food is important - we need energy and nutrients to survive. But think about how important it is during a given work day. If your employees aren’t eating (or aren’t eating the right things) your bottom line could suffer as a result.

If you want your staff to have access to… Read More

How To Throw A Cocktail Party On A Budget

Want to throw a party, but scared you’re going to wind up in a rocky relationship with your bank account? We know just how difficult it is to throw the cocktail party everyone will remember without spending an amount you wish you could forget. But it's not impossible! There are plenty of ways you can save a few bucks while still keeping it effortlessly classy.

Make it Exclusive

One thing we've learned… Read More

Best Breakfast Items For A Big Meeting

You’ve got a big corporate meeting coming up and you really want to impress the attendees. Well, one of the first impressions you can make is where they’re going to head before they even start thinking about the objective of the meeting - and that’s the breakfast spread. Sure, assorted bagels, muffins and danishes will give them something to put in their stomachs but it’s probably not going to have them saying things like “have… Read More