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New Corporate Catering Menu

Is there anything that puts more of a damper on your work day than eating a boring, basic or bland lunch? Alright, maybe dealing with a stubborn customer or knowing you have a big presentation coming up can put you in a bad mood, but at least you have lots of control over what you and your staff eat throughout the day. With all of that said, we’re proud to introduce a brand new Corporate… Read More

Backyard Party Small Bite Ideas

Not every backyard party needs to include large racks of ribs, pounds of pulled pork or slabs of smoked brisket. In fact, lots of party guests actually prefer small plates, finger foods or passed hors d'oeuvres rather than sitting down and eating a large meal. Why? Well, they get to try more options, for starters, and lots of the time small bites are easier to eat!

Yellowfin Tuna Tacos: you’ll want to… Read More

Summer Zucchini Recipes

Let’s face it - now that summer is here, you may not be eating as healthy as you’d like and trust us when we tell you, you’re not alone. Well, if your diet melted away with the last of the snow a few months back, we’re here to help you get back on track. Zucchini’s peak season is June through late August, so it doesn’t get any fresher than this!

Here are… Read More

What Are The Major Differences Between BBQ Sauce Styles?

Hot coals, hot temps, hot sauces. We are seeing something delicious as summer takes shape: BBQ-in all of its saucy, finger-licking glory! When many of us think of BBQ, the classic ketchup/molasses sauce probably springs to mind quickly, but there is a whole plateful of sauces from different areas in the USA that deserve your undivided attention at your next backyard bash. So, grab those bibs or wet-naps, fire up the grill and let's slather… Read More

BBQ Party Theme Ideas

School’s out, the sun’s out and it’s time to get the grill out! Summer is officially here and if that’s not enough of an excuse to throw get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather, you can certainly throw a party! If the creative juices have escaped you, check out the creative summer barbecue party theme ideas below for some inspiration!

Classic Country BBQ

This is what you and your guests probably think… Read More

Bright, Fun Bat Mitzvah Decor

At David’s Soundview Catering, we’re there for the moments that matter most. It’s as simple as that! Last weekend, we were fortunate enough to be called upon to cater a Bat Mitzvah and we sprung, or should we say “summered” into action! The GOH (Guest of Honor in catering lingo) wanted bright, fun colors for her Mitzvah and DSC was happy to jump in on the fun with the décor theme. It was a hit!

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Taste of Summer: Grilled Mussels & Clams With Garlic Butter

Getting tired of the same old grilled foods? We love steaks, burgers and chicken thighs just as much, if not more, than the next person, but summertime cookouts can get old fast. When it comes to grilling, creativity goes a long way and the more creative you get, the more your palate will thank you — at least we hope so! Don’t put your taste buds to sleep this summer, the next time you have… Read More

DIY Street Corn Tacos

1 taco, 2 taco, 3 taco, four! That’s approximately the number you’ll eat, even if you’re not that hungry because well, street corn and tacos are a combination you just won’t be able to get enough of.

Looking for cool and unusual graduation party food items? Name the last time you were at a party where there was a DIY taco bar… we’ll wait!

This fun, exciting and completely customizable fare is… Read More

3 Mouth-Watering Ways To Enjoy Lobster Rolls This Summer

While some people are real sticklers on the subject, others just can’t wait to bite into a lobster roll, no matter the style. We have to agree that no matter how they’re prepared, lobsters are one of our favorite things to eat outside on a warm summer day, especially when paired with a glass of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc or even a cool, crisp beer. But back to the topic at hand - there are three… Read More