Meet Our Team

Monique Gizowski

Event Coordinator

Monique grew up in Australia, waiting tables in her parent’s cafes, and in the kitchens where her father was a Chef. Choosing not to pursue her college career choice in Health Science, she instead moved through various positions in publishing, marketing and events - until coming full circle and landing on retail foodservice management. Now at David’s, Monique is able to combine all of her skills with those of the team to produce stunning, unique and memorable events.

Monique and her husband love to cook and regularly start imaginary food blogs in their heads. Between them they have 6 children, along with 2 cats, 2 (very large) dogs and 1 fish. She is a serial furniture re-arranger, loves Parmesan cheese, hates negativity, and is a fountain of random facts and trivia.

Her professional mantra is based on a line by comedian Stephen Wright – “Everything is within walking distance… if you have the time”.