Are Fresh Vegetables Healthier Than Frozen?

Are Fresh Vegetables Healthier Than Frozen?

Vegetables: Frozen or Fresh?

If you’ve ever taken a stroll through a supermarket, there’s a good chance you’ve seen bags of frozen vegetables lining the freezers in at least one of the aisles. You know the frozen alternatives will last longer than if you purchased fresh veggies from the produce aisle, but is the frozen stuff worse for you? See below to find out whether or not fresh vegetables offer more nutrients and more benefits than their frozen counterparts:

The Frozen Vegetable Process

Generally speaking, vegetables that will end up being frozen are picked or harvested at the perfect time — that is, when their freshness and nutritional values are at their peak. Once they are picked, they go through the blanching process. This means they are cooked partially and are frozen shortly thereafter, in order to keep those values mentioned above at optimal levels. In addition to keeping them fresh and nutritious, freezing them kills off bacteria and prevents them from spoiling.

It is important to note however, that freezing vegetables can cause them to lose some of their vitamin C and B, but they will keep most of their other nutrients.

The Fresh Vegetable Process

Similar to frozen veggies, fresh vegetables are harvested when their freshness and nutritional values are at their peak. The major difference here is that fresh veggies are then often shipped long distances before they are placed inside supermarkets and grocery stores and they tend to lose their nutritional value as they travel, unfrozen. 

So, why would anyone purchase fresh veggies? Well, there are generally more options when it comes to fresh vegetables because not all veggies are meant to be frozen. Some will lose their flavor along with other characteristics if they are put in the freezer, which is why you typically only see certain options “chilling out.”

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