6 Spring Appetizers That Will Wipe Away The Winter Blues

6 Spring Appetizers That Will Wipe Away The Winter Blues

Spring Appetizer & Small Bite Ideas

The coldest days of the year are seemingly behind us and it’s time to start looking forward to warmer weather and longer days. If you’re looking for ways to break out of that “cabin fever” feeling and are ready to experience some lighter fare, the appetizer and small bite recipes below just might do the trick! Here’s what we’re looking forward to this season:

1 – Spinach & Artichoke Zucchini Bites

2 dozen bites only takes about 10 minutes to prepare and about 15 minutes to cook so you’ll be digging in under a half-hour. Just think of them as your favorite spinach and artichoke dip piled into a zucchini cup and topped with shredded mozzarella cheese. Recipe here: http://bit.ly/2SYsY67

2 – Air Fried Pickle Chips

Fried pickles with creamy ranch dipping sauce will get you in the barbecuing spirit. You can even serve these as an appetizer for the first backyard smokeout of the year! Recipe here: http://bit.ly/37ZBfuS

3 – Bacon Wrapped Asparagus

When it comes to wrapping things in bacon, is there really a bad option? We think not. Recipe here: http://bit.ly/32pz5Uh

4 – Greek Feta Dip

It’s light. It’s refreshing. It’s perfect for spring! You can serve this dip with fresh pita bread bites or your choice of crackers or chips. Recipe here: http://bit.ly/38XvYp2

5 – Pesto-Ricotta Crostini

If you like pesto on your pasta, chances are you’re going to like it on grilled crostini, too! It pairs perfectly with ricotta cheese, especially when it’s garnished with a bit of crushed red pepper flakes. Recipe here: http://bit.ly/2SZ4gm1

6 – Carrot Fries

Yes, you heard that correctly — carrot fries. They’re similar to sweet potato fries, minus all the calories. This way, you can eat more of them and feel better about yourself because after all, you are eating carrots. Recipe here: http://bit.ly/382it62

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