5 Ways To Make Rehearsal Dinner Planning A Breeze

5 Ways To Make Rehearsal Dinner Planning A Breeze

Tips For Planning The Perfect Rehearsal Dinner

The days leading up to your wedding can be quite stressful. Between tying up any loose ends and getting everyone to run through the wedding day itinerary without any hiccups, you’ve got a lot weighing on your mental stability. There’s only one big thing left before you tie the knot and it comes in the form of a rehearsal dinner. Fear not! The tips below will help you plan the night before your wedding in a way you never thought possible!

1 – Figure Out The Finances Beforehand

Back in the day, it was usually the bride’s family who paid for the wedding and it was the responsibility of the groom’s family to cover the rehearsal dinner. Well, times have changed and now it’s not uncommon for the two families to split all of the costs. If that’s the case, you and your significant other may want to consider paying for the rehearsal dinner.

Just make sure you decide on all of this before the check comes. Otherwise, you run the risk of an extremely awkward situation the night before your big day.

2 – Decide On A Theme

Not every rehearsal dinner should be held at an upscale restaurant. In fact, we’ve seen some of the best dinners held at the beach or in somebody’s backyard. 

A few of the more casual themes can include a backyard barbecue, beachside clam bake, a country-themed hoedown or a sports night. Whatever theme you decide on, we can help pair the perfect cuisine!

3 – Choose Your Guests

Not everyone invited to the wedding can or should be invited to the rehearsal dinner. We suggest keeping it to very close friends and family members, along with their dates, and make sure you send out the invitations plenty early. Remember, some people may be traveling from other towns or even states so the more time you give them to prepare, the better.

4 – Give Out Your Gifts

The night of the rehearsal dinner is the perfect time to give out gifts to the bridal party and the parents of the bride and groom. 

5 – Have Fun!

This is the most important thing to remember during this stressful, but exciting time. No matter what happens, even if things don’t run as smoothly as you had hoped, remember to have fun. You and your significant other have worked tirelessly to get to this point and now it’s time to celebrate!

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